Seven critical factors that influence the creation of a common sense of shared attitudes,
behaviors and practices that define an organization and the way its employees conduct the business


These seven factors need to be aligned if an organizational transformation program is to be successful

The first factor to address is leadership, as it is from this organizational level where the purpose of change must be defined in alignment with the corporate values. From there, it is important to review and redefine the rest of elements:

The more rational influencers are normally identified as “hard” factors (ie. hierarchy, norms, technology, workspace) and we usually address them with a top-down approach

The more emotional influencers are less tangible and are normally identified as “soft” factors (ie. Informal rituals, believes, internal communication). However, these soft elements are as important as the hard ones as they have a major impact on people’s behavior and the organizational culture. We normally approach these with a collaborative and bottom-up approach.

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