All transformation processes need a comprehensive and structured approach to implementing change.
We design the change management strategy best suited to the needs of each transformation project to maximize the chances of success.

Definition of the project governance:
project governance is a critical element of any change project to provide a decision making framework and clear accountability. Having a single point of accountability is the first principle of effective project governance and a critical step to ensure the launch of the project.

Identification of change characteristics:
understanding the scope of change by determining how many people will be impacted and how, what is being changed (processes, systems, job roles, etc.) and the time frame for the change

Diagnosis of the organizational predisposition to change:
we assess the readiness of the company to face the transformation process, analyzing factors such as the company’s track record in change implementations, the leadership style and the perception of loss during past change programs

Definition of the Change Management Strategy:
based on the change characteristics, the results of the diagnosis of the organizational predisposition to change and our know-how, we propose to our clients the most suitable change strategy for their project

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