Beyond employee experience, there is people experience: workplaces must be designed to put people first

Driving organizational transformation through workplace design

At henkô we firmly believe that an office is much more than simply a space. It is one of the most important elements within the working ecosystem as it provides the environment where people interact, produce, and feel emotionally linked to the company.

New talent generations, evolving technologies and the experience economy are driving the evolution of the workplace. Smart, flexible, better designed and more functional workplaces improve innovation, co-working, communication and productivity.

But it is not all about design trends. Each company needs its workplace to reflect its own DNA, not that of others. For this reason, jointly with our network of architect and interior design collaborators, we:

• Assess the suitability of the existing workplace design to support the company’s transformation objectives

• Design the most suitable Workplace Concept to make change stick and to promote the company’s new ways of working

• Tailor the most suitable Workplace Change Management Plan and accompany our clients in its implementation

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