We help our clients managing their transformation projects, from design to implementation, focusing especially on employee engagement, workplace strategy and organizational culture, contributing to give the company the necessary impulse to achieve their change objectives in a sustainable way.


We believe in changes that transform

henkô means transformative change in Japanese. No other word better defines the essence of our approach to change. Change means leaving one thing or situation for another, but transformation is something much deeper that involves adapting, evolving and moving forward.

We believe in putting people first

In a context where the pace of business is accelerating, companies need to face transformation processes and ingrain new behaviors to enhance their competitiveness. People’s adaptiveness to change is therefore at the core of any transformation program. Putting people first means understanding and caring about their expectations, emotions and listening to what they have to say along their transformation journey.

Change is not only about willpower

People’s willingness to change and adapt to a new context is very important, but no transformation program should rely only on willpower. A well stablished project governance structure, a tailored designed change management strategy and a holistic approach to organizational transformation are key to make it successful.

Passion is our driver

We truly love what we do and passion guides all our efforts from beginning to end.



henkô specializes in helping companies that are thinking of or are already implementing any of these transformation projects:

• Changing offices and/or their workplace strategy • Mergers and acquisitions with focus on people integration and culture identity • Digital transformation • Implementation of agile methodologies • Rethinking the leadership style and/or the organizational culture

For any of these specific types of projects we have the expertise required to advise our clients in five relevant areas:

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