Transformation purpose definition

We work closely with the Senior Management to facilitate the identification, definition and internalization of the real purpose of the company’s transformation program and the modifications needed in the company’s leadership style.

Embracing corporate culture

Culture is created when values ​​are felt and lived for the entire organization. We apply our AED methodology:

Assessing employees’ understanding of current corporate values and testing their perception about the new values to be implemented.

Engaging culture ambassadors responsible of divulgating the new corporate culture to the rest of the organization.

Divulgating workshops’ design as a guide for the culture ambassadors to use during the roll out of the new corporate culture.

Corporate values assessment

We assess the type and depth of belief in the existing corporate values and offer solutions to align corporate values, leadership style and transformation purpose


Alignment recommendations

It makes little sense to have an incentive scheme based only on individual business lines’ P&L if what you want is to move from a silos organization to a cross-selling model. To avoid this type of inconsistencies, we review key business support processes, the organizational structure and the main human resources policies to make recommendations on where to improve alignment with the purpose of the transformation project

Cross Teams

We build interdisciplinary teams from your own organization, who have the capacity of redesigning policies and processes, facilitating sessions to initially assist them in the process of designing implementable solutions

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